We’ve Had Worse Weather in May

Temperatures climbed to the upper 40s and lower 50s on Wednesday and only fell to the 30s and lower 40s overnight. The unseasonably mild temperatures combined with a light southwest wind yielded some areas of dense fog – in typical Spring fashion.

And much like we see during the months of April and May, once that patchy dense fog lifts and thins out this morning, we’ll get to enjoy another remarkably warm day by late February standards. Temperatures will peak in the upper 40s (right along the immediate shore from Woods Hole to Chatham where a southwest wind off the Sound will keep temperatures a bit cooler) to middle 50s across the Cape. In fact, it’s likely some backyard thermometers head to the upper 50s for a time this afternoon.

And, to top it off, similarly mild readings are expected tomorrow and Saturday. We’ve undoubtedly had uglier stretches of weather in April and May.

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