Brief Reprieve

Temperatures thus far in the month of March are running 4 to 7 degrees below average across Southern New England. Several days have averaged out 10F cooler than average and during the heart of the cold weather earlier in the month, some spots recorded daily averages 20F below “normal”.

For some perspective… the average high at Hyannis for March 20th is 46F. So far in March 2017, 11 days have recorded high temperatures at or under 40F.

Thankfully, we’ll get a short-lived break from the chill during the first part of the this week. Cold air is lifting out in the wake of Sunday’s storm and somewhat more seasonable air is working its way into the Northeast and New England. Temperatures should get into the 40s today (though a strong gusty north wind will steal some of the warmth and likely hold parts of the Outer Cape and spots right along Cape Cod Bay closer to 40F) and will make a run at 50F on Tuesday.

However, another surge of very cold air is already making a move southward from the arctic circle and will arrive here Tuesday night and remain overhead through the end of the work week. Expect temperatures to be well below normal Wednesday and Thursday, with temperatures struggling to get to the lower 30s for afternoon highs both days.

In the meantime, you can see the milder air off to our west, poised to shift into the area later today and into Tuesday:

Monday Morning Temperatures

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