Lots of Clouds, But Not as Cold

High temperatures on Thursday only reached the middle and upper 30s across the Cape, despite nearly 100 percent of the day’s available sunshine. And of course a persistent busy west and northwest wind made it feel noticeably colder throughout most of the day – particularly early on when wind chill values hovered in the single digits.

As evening set in winds gradually relaxed and did eventually go calm overnight across a good chunk of the Cape which allowed temperatures to free fall to the upper 10s and lower 20s in some neighborhoods.

Thankfully, the core of the chilly air is now east of the region and “milder” south winds have developed. Unfortunately, the incoming mild air is producing a thick band of clouds across the region and beneath those clouds some spotty light precipitation has developed across the Northeast.

With that in mind, sunshine will be rather limited today and there is a slight chance for a quick moving sprinkle or shower. Temperatures will gradually work their way out of the 30s and into the 40s for afternoon highs.

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