More of the Same…

We get pretty much a carbon copy of Wednesday’s weather today.

Expect sunshine to mix with passing clouds, with more in the way of sun during the first half of the day and a few more clouds in the sky during the afternoon.

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A blustery, annoying and gusty west to northwest wind (a few gusts to 35 to 40 mph possible) will persist through the day and temperatures in the 20s this morning will only slowly make their way to 30 to 35F for an afternoon high (a few degrees “milder” than yesterday). For perspective, the daily “average” high temperature in mid January bottoms out at 38F at Hyannis…and makes its way all the way back to 45F by March 16th. These days would be cold even in the heart of winter.

Looking ahead, we will deal with a very similar day on Friday as the cold weather pattern persists. As for the upcoming weekend – while the air mass attempts to moderate a bit, we’ll have to keep our eye on a developing storm center to our southeast. There are some signals that this system could deliver another snow event to the area Saturday into Sunday…right now the best case scenario is a few hours of steady light snow. The worst case…

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