Several Hours of Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, Today.

Powerful low pressure will lift northward from the coastal Mid-Atlantic into Southern New England today and tonight, bringing a 6 to 10 hour period of heavy precipitation to the region. Over the interior of Southern New England, precipitation will fall mostly in the form of snow – though some sleet, freezing rain and rain could get involved this afternoon – while along the coast morning snow will transition to sleet and then rain in relatively short order.

Here on the Cape, with the storm passing over the region (the low center itself likely passing west of Cape Cod) this system will mainly be remembered as a rain and wind-maker.

While the atmosphere will initially be cold enough to support snow first thing this morning, mild marine air is surging north and westward and will overtake the area quickly. As a result, temperatures will rise rapidly through the 30s this morning, ensuring any snow that falls quickly transitions to rain with only a modest accumulation possible.

The real hazard for this area will be periods of very heavy rain from midday into the early afternoon hours along with some strong east winds.

A deep feed of moisture and intense lift in the atmosphere is going to result in 1 to 2 inches of rain in a short period of time. And that, combined with snowmelt and frozen ground, is going to yield areas of street flooding and lots of standing water on area roadways this afternoon.

Likewise, with the storm deepening rapidly as it approaches the region. strong east winds will develop this morning and really crank for a few hours this afternoon. Expect winds sustained at 25 to 40 mph with frequent gusts over 50 mph and some gusts to 60 to 65 mph. Winds of this magnitude will result in some downed limbs and pockets of tree damage, which will cause some scattered power outages.

The good news? This is all out of here by day’s end and it will actually turn mild for a few hours later today with readings well into the 40s – if not eclipsing 50F for a short time.

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