Breezy, Mild.

High pressure has shifted to the south and east of New England and set-up shop in the waters of the Western Atlantic. On the backside of this fair weather cell, warm southwest winds have taken hold of the eastern United States and pumped unseasonably warm air northward into the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Temperatures will climb into the 70s and 80s for highs this afternoon across much of the region, with similar temperatures anticipated Tuesday.

Here on the Cape, while we’ll enjoy mild air as well, it’s that time of year when a wind blowing off the water dramatically impacts surface temperatures.

A gusty southwest wind (gusts to 30 mph or better are possible this afternoon) will develop over the course of the day and hold temperatures in the 50s and 60s – thanks to the cold waters south of the area. In this type of set-up it’s not uncommon for spots right along Nantucket Sound (along and south of RT 28 for example) to hold close to 50F while the “north side” of the Cape climbs into the middle 60s.

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