Brief Break Between Rain Storms

Most of the Cape picked up between 1/2 and 2/3rds of an inch of rain yesterday…putting our weekly totals in excess of 5 inches in some neighborhoods across the area. And we aren’t done yet – another round of soaking rain is on the way tomorrow before things finally start to dry out a bit this weekend and early next week (and we get a nice warming trend).

As for today, we’ll be sitting in between weather systems, “enjoying” a few hours of dry weather and hopefully seeing some pockets of sunshine with time.

Unfortunately, low pressure to our east will keep a chilly north wind blowing in off of the Gulf of Maine – preventing us from busting out into a truly sunny and mild spring day like our neighbors to the west will enjoy.

The flow off the cold ocean will cap temperatures in the 40s and will also keep a feed of low level moisture (in the form of low clouds) rotating in off the water. The result will be a stubborn cloud deck nearby that may prove tough to shake (although hopefully we some pockets of blue sky and sunshine now and then).

Courtesy VentuSky

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