Dreary Start To the Week

Low pressure which moved into the area over the weekend is located east of New England this morning and is in no hurry to shift away from the region.

Moisture continues to rotate around the slowly departing storm center and as such we’ve started our work week off right where the weekend ended: on a cloudy, chilly and windy note – with pockets of mist, drizzle and some showers passing through the area at times.

The storm system (which brought 1 to 2.5 inches of rain to the Cape) responsible for the ugly weather will slowly trudge its way eastward through the Gulf of Maine today, ever so slowly taking its shield of clouds and showery weather along with it.

As the area of low pressure shifts toward the east this afternoon, winds will turn to a more northwesterly direction and drier air will start to advance toward the coastline – meaning precipitation will slowly taper off across the area (that’s the good news). Unfortunately, plenty of moisture will continue to pivot southward across the region throughout the day so cloud cover is likely to hang on through most, if not all, of the daylight hours, with clearing likely not reaching the area until this evening and tonight.

Of course, in addition to the gray skies and damp conditions, it will be another unseasonably cool day today. Temperatures in the 40s this morning will only reach the 50s this afternoon – well shy of the average temperature for this time of year which is in the lower and middle 60s (64F at Hyannis on May 15th).

Visible satellite imagery shows us locked in with clouds this morning:

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