Lots of Clouds…Cool.

Clouds filled the sky overnight as winds flipped to the northeast and moisture retrograded westward from the Atlantic. The south and westward moving clouds are a result of the same pesky upper level storm center that’s been stuck over the Northeast since last Friday.

This weather system is begrudgingly wobbling eastward and away from the region but not before sending additional pockets of moisture (clouds) into the area and reinforcing the cool air over the region. The northeast wind will mean another cooler than average day today, with temperatures again only topping out in the 50s – and in all likelihood struggling to get out of the lower 50s.

While the day has dawned overcast and morning satellite imagery shows a thick blanket of clouds over the region, we may sneak a few peeks of sunshine and blue sky as the day wears on. That said, there’s also the chance that some pockets of mist or drizzle attempt to rotate in off the ocean as the northeast flow persists.

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