Turbines on Radar

Radar doesn’t just detect rain and snow falling through the sky. Many “non-meteorological targets” show up on radar imagery…including birds, bats, swarms of insects and planes.

This is particularly common in the early morning hours when a temperature inversion in the atmosphere causes radar “ducting” (the beam bends closer to the earth’s surface than under “normal” circumstances). In the early morning hours when the radar is refracting in this manner, it’s not uncommon to see roosting birds taking flight.

This morning’s radar imagery picked up several stationary targets in Southeast Massachusetts and on the Cape. These are actually wind turbines scattered about the area, including the turbines near the Cape Cod Canal which are easily visible to the south of Route 6, the turbines within the cranberry bogs along Route 25 just over the Bourne Bridge and the turbine just to the west of Route 3 in Kingston.

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