Warm, Less Humid – Beach Day!

Downpours and embedded thunderstorms passed over the area Saturday morning as a frontal zone made its way eastward through New England. That activity shifted offshore during midday and skies cleared out over the course of the afternoon…and temperatures jumped to the upper 70s to middle 80s – making for a rather steamy afternoon.

However, northwest winds eventually kicked in and began to knock the humidity back. Those northwest winds continued into Saturday night and continued to usher in drier and more pleasant air to the region…setting the stage for what will be a very nice day today.

Look for mainly sunny skies Sunday (some passing high clouds possible at times and just some scattered fair weather cumulus during the afternoon) with temperatures climbing quickly through the 60s and 70s this morning and peaking around 80F.

Humidity levels will be much lower than Saturday and a breeze from the northwest, and then southwest, will add a refreshing feel to the air.

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