Gradual Improvement

Temperatures were stuck in the 60s on Friday (some 10 to 20F below the average for the date) as clouds held strong for most of the day (we did manage some late afternoon sunshine in spots) and onshore winds funneled cool marine air into the area. In fact, parts of the region recorded record LOW MAXIMUMS for the date!

As for the weekend, expect gradually improving conditions as we push through Saturday and into Sunday, with increasing amounts of sunshine and milder temperatures as we transition out of this ugly weather.

As it stands right now, Sunday is looking like the better of the two weekend days. Clouds are likely to still be present over the area Saturday morning, but will slowly shift eastward over the course of the day. Patches of sunshine and blue sky are expected to become more common as we move through the afternoon. In response to the brighter skies and weaker onshore flow, temperatures will rebound into the 70s.

Further improvement will occur on Sunday as partly to mostly sunny skies dominate the day and temperatures recover to around 80F.

Slow Clearing Saturday

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