Huge Variation

If you’re traveling from New York City to Boston or Portland today you’re going to experience an incredible difference in weather from start to finish.

A backdoor cold front is sagging its way southward through New England today, marking the dividing line between very hot and humid weather to its south and rather chilly marine air to its north and east. Parts of New Hampshire and Maine will hold in the 50s today while areas in the Mid-Atlantic and in and around New York City climb well into the 90s.

Unfortunately, for us here on the Cape, this boundary is sitting directly overhead and is making for a very tricky Cape Cod weather forecast. Not only is low cloudiness and fog plaguing much of the area but temperatures are all over the place. Provincetown is reporting easterly winds this morning with temperatures in the 60s, meanwhile the sun has broken out on parts of the Upper Cape and it’s nearing 80F on the Vineyard with a southerly wind.

The boundary will remain nearly stationary through the day today, wobbling north and south a bit throughout the day, before sagging south tonight and sending the cooler marine air across the entire area. Consequently, expect a wide range in weather conditions over the Cape today, with the best bet for some sunshine and warmer temperatures along the southern side of the Cape.

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