Cool and Gray

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey are passing through the Northeast and New England today, resulting in a dreary start to Sunday.

Clouds filled the sky Saturday evening and rain developed overnight and continues to press through our area Sunday morning.

While the rain has been intermittent, it’s been accompanied by temperatures in the 50s and a gusty east and southeast wind – yielding a rather ugly Sunday morning.

Thankfully, improvement is on the way and the holiday weekend will end summer-like.

Deeper moisture (thicker cloud cover and accompanying rain and drizzle) over the area Sunday morning will lift northeastward during midday and skies will start to brighten over the course of Sunday afternoon. Gusty east winds will shift to the south and then southwest, helping to scour out some of the low level chilly air.

While we aren’t likely to clear out until after sundown, we may luck out and see some holes in the overcast later today. The incoming drier air and brighter skies will allow temperatures to crawl out of the 50s and into the 60s for afternoon highs.

Clearing skies will take hold tonight and sunshine will prevail on Monday, with temperatures in the 70s.

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