Finally Drying Out!

A cold front is approaching the area and will push offshore this morning, sweeping the putrid air mass over the region out to sea.

Dew point values have been hovering in the lower and middle 70s for the last 24 hours, yielding areas of dense fog and a very sticky feel to the air. Likewise, the deep tropical moisture combined with the incoming frontal zone and some distant moisture from Maria is producing some spotty showers and downpours first thing this morning – weather more reminiscent of mid-summer than late September.

Thankfully, we are just about done with the uncomfortable conditions.

Dew point values behind the incoming frontal zone are some 20 to 40F lower and this crisp, fall air mass will pour into the region later today and remain over the area for the next several days. Dew points in the 70s here on the Cape this morning will fall to the 60s during midday and then drop into the 50s during the afternoon and evening…continuing to lower tonight as busy north winds take hold and Canadian air rushes into the area.

Expect an entirely different look and feel to the weather tomorrow…with deep blue skies, a fresh north wind, daytime temperatures in the 60s and a crisp feel to the air!

Thursday Morning Dew Point Values

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