Some quintessential early Fall weather has settled into the area and will remain with us for the next several days.

After depositing another soaking 1 to 3 inches of rain (in some cases, even a bit more than that) Cape-wide Wednesday and Wednesday night, a cold front pushed offshore Thursday and swept the unsettled weather out to sea. Behind that front, much more comfortable air was waiting to move into the region and that air mass change happened in earnest overnight.

Today (and the weekend for that matter) – will feature pleasant September weather as the mid-week humidity has been pushed well south and east of the area and replaced with cooler, drier Canadian air.

As for Friday, expect temperatures in the lower to middle 70s and low humidity levels, with a good deal of sunshine. A weak upper level disturbance sliding through the Northeast and New England could produce a few billowing clouds and maybe a brief sprinkle or shower this afternoon.

Comfortable Dew Point Values

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