Stuck Under Jose’s Circulation

The leftovers of Jose are stuck south of Cape Cod spinning in place for yet another day. As a result, today is sort of a “what you see is what you get” kind of weather day. A cool onshore flow will persist throughout the day and skies will respond accordingly – by remaining cloud-filled and dreary.

That said, drier air is very slowly starting to work its way into the area and will gradually start to lift the cloud deck and thin the amount of moisture spinning in off the ocean. Consequently, this morning’s misty, damp feel will become a bit less noticeable as the day goes on and the odds for showers will really start to drop off.

Temperatures will hold in the 60s and northeast winds will persist through the day – though much weaker than the last few days.

Sunshine will finally start to take hold of our weather on Sunday and temperatures will jump into the 70s.

Jose Spinning Southeast of Nantucket

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