Winds Increase

While Jose is slowly weakening and pulling eastward and away from the area tonight, the worst of the storm is yet to come here on the Cape.

After wobbling eastward tonight, Jose is expected to stall on Thursday and gradually dirft westward a bit through Friday and Saturday.

The westward wobble, combined with an expanding wind field and a slight feed of cooler and drier air into the storm’s circulation will set the stage for a period of true “tropical storm force” winds Thursday and Thursday night.

Although winds have increased this evening they remain relatively tame by Cape Cod standards thus far – averaging 15 to 25 mph sustained with some gusts over 40 mph popping up now and then. This has already been enough, however, to cause some isolated to scattered power disruptions around parts of the Cape (thanks to leaves on the trees plus falling rain) and odds for outages will increase as we move through Thursday and Thursday night.

Not long after sun-up on Thursday we should see north and northeast winds increase to 20 to 40 mph sustained with frequent gusts of 40 to 50 mph developing. Winds of this magnitude, with gusts possibly surpassing 50 mph at times, will continue throughout the day and right into Thursday night.

Winds will only slowly abate through the day on Friday.

Courtesy: Ventusky

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