Beautiful Weather Continues Into the Weekend

An expansive area of high pressure continues to dominate the weather over the eastern two-thirds of the nation, yielding unseasonably warm temperatures and storm-free conditions to much of the country.

Here in the Northeast, we’ve enjoyed several days in a row of sunshine and mild temperatures and our stretch of nice weather will continue into – and through – the upcoming weekend.

As for today, we can expect to see plenty of sunshine through the day and for temperatures to climb well into the 60s…perhaps nudging 70F in a few spots. Humidity will remain low and a fresh west and northwest breeze will persist through the day.

Similar conditions are anticipated for both Saturday and Sunday. In fact, our next chance for rainfall likely doesn’t come until later Tuesday and into Wednesday when a frontal zone finally approaches the region from the west and gives us a bout of rain and wind.

Courtesy TropicalTidbits

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