Nasty Period of Weather Tonight

Low pressure racing northward up the Eastern Seaboard is going to pack quite a punch as it crosses the region tonight and Monday…

Clouds will fill the sky today and a few sprinkles and showers will cross through the area at times – but the bulk of the day locally will be precipitation-free. Temperatures will climb into the 60s and southeast winds will freshen through the day – gusting past 30 mph at times during the afternoon. Overall…Sunday is an OK day and a good time to consider some preparations for tonight’s weather (finally putting away that deck furniture for the season as an example).

Conditions will go downhill tonight as low pressure lifts up the coast and plows northward into New England.

The storm will rapidly deepen on its approach, sending a wave of heavy rain and thunderstorms across the region, resulting in areas of street flooding as pockets of torrential downpours move through the area. While the heavy rain will cause its share of problems, the bigger concern locally is the wind.

In response to the explosively intensifying storm center, powerful winds will develop tonight and linger into the day on Monday…blowing from the south and east tonight ahead of the approaching storm and then from the south and west tomorrow on the backside of the system.

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Wind gusts should easily reach 50 mph across the Cape tonight and some gusts in excess of 60 mph are expected around the area. Because many of the trees still have foliage, this alone will cause some power outages and tree damage so prepare accordingly (charge the cell phones / have the flashlight handy etc.)

*However* there is growing concern for a short-lived period of intense winds in the pre-dawn hours of Monday, especially on the Mid and Outer Cape. Here is why…

A corridor of powerful southeast winds will be transitioning northward up the coast overnight tonight, paralleling the Eastern Seaboard and eventually passing east of most of Southern New England very late tonight. I say “most of Southern New England” because the Cape – especially east of Hyannis – has the potential to be briefly scraped by this wind field.

The period of concern looks to be between 1AM and 6AM. It’s during this window that we may see a period of time when southeast winds briefly increase to sustained speeds of 40 to 60 mph with gusts in excess of 75 mph across the area. Winds of this magnitude would cause significant limb and tree damage and more widespread, longer-lasting power outages. This scenario would not be unlike that of a strong tropical storm or low end hurricane impacting the area.

The bottom-line / summary is: anticipate a very windy and rainy night tonight with some areas of wind-driven torrential downpours, some pockets of street flooding and some localized power disruptions from areas of downed limbs and trees. This much is basically a given. But be advised that there is a growing chance for a more high-end impact so take the easy steps now to prepare accordingly…and hope that the strongest winds stay to the east of the Cape.

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