Strong Storm to Impact the Area Late in the Weekend

Just as one storm system departs the area, focus is turning to our next weather-maker which is destined to move through the area late Sunday and early Monday.

Storm Moves In Sunday Night. Image Courtesy TropicalTidbits

Another dynamic upper air trough will dig southward through the Great Plains and Midwest and rotate eastward across the Ohio Valley and Northeast (a similar atmospheric set-up to what we just endured) sending copious amounts of tropical moisture up the Eastern Seaboard. This go-around, a more dynamic trough and some additional moisture and energy associated with a tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean will provide an added punch to the storm, resulting in a fast-moving, rapidly-deepening low pressure area.

That low pressure area is likely to bring us another round of downpours along with a period of strong gusty south and southeast winds. Multiple ingredients coming together suggests the potential for some torrential rainfall…however, the faster movement of the storm should preclude a repeat of this week’s soaking 2 to 5 inches of rain.

As for the wind, odds certainly favor at least a few hours of wind gusts in excess of 40 mph…and there is some potential for a short-lived period of even stronger wind, with gusts over 50 mph.

The good news is…the timing of the storm center (as things look right now) should allow us to squeeze in at least some dry weather on Sunday as the brunt of the nasty weather looks to be during the overnight hours of Sunday and into pre-dawn on Monday.

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