Turning Milder and a Bit More Humid

Cool high pressure positioned over the Northeast for the last several has slipped south and east of the region, setting up a southwest flow of air across New England. This southwest wind kicked in Wednesday afternoon (was quite gusty at times) and began flushing out the cool, comfortable air we enjoyed at the start of the week.

After multiple nights with lows in the 40s – and even a few isolated spots dipping into the upper 30s – temperatures only fell to the 50s and lower 60s last night…a reflection of the incoming mild air.

The warmer launching pad and continued southwest wind will result in a noticeably milder feel to the air today as temperatures climb into the 70s and dew points inch upward.

Looking ahead to the next several days, the southwest wind – overall – looks to persist through the weekend and into early next week, meaning warmer and increasingly muggy air will be the air mass theme as we head into Columbus Day Weekend.

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