Sunny But Windy and Rather Chilly

A strong cold front pushed through the area Sunday morning, preceded by some downpours and a period of gusty southwest winds. Behind the front, winds switched to the west and northwest Sunday afternoon and colder and drier air began to pour into the region.

That cold air deepened over the Northeast and New England overnight and remains in place across the area today.

This morning’s visible satellite image shows a typical cold season post-frontal passage look – with low and mid-altitude clouds streaming from northwest to southeast across the Northeast and New England and plenty of ocean-generated streamers out over the Atlantic.

Those clouds help illustrate the ongoing arrival of cold air and the strong west and northwest winds generated by departing low pressure and incoming high pressure.

Fortunately – if you aren’t in the mood for cold weather – a milder west and southwest wind will develop tonight and really take over on Tuesday. Consequently, after struggling to get into the 40s today, we’ll see highs well into the 50s tomorrow.

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