Wet Travel Day

Mild air moved into the area on Tuesday and remains in place today, as early morning temperatures are already in the 50s. Unfortunately, with that mild air comes a fast-moving storm center which is poised to give us a rather wet Wednesday.

Clouds thickened up overnight and showers developed in the pre-dawn hours. This shower activity will grow more widespread over the course of the morning and transition to a steady rain during mid to late morning. From that point forward – until mid to late afternoon – expect rain with even a few embedded heavy downpours to pass over the area.

Precipitation will taper off during the afternoon hours, with rain becoming light and intermittent during the mid to late afternoon period and eventually ending as we near sundown.

Winds will flip to the northwest this afternoon, signaling the arrival of drier air. Colder and drier air will build into the region tonight and yield us a sunny but chilly Thanksgiving Day.

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