Windy and Chilly

Strong low pressure northeast of the region is funneling a cold northwest flow of air into the Northeast and New England today.

Temperatures fell into the 30s and 40s overnight and will have a difficult time climbing today as cold air pours into the region from Canada. Expect afternoon temperatures in the 40s around the area with the gusty northwest wind only slowly subsiding over the course of the afternoon and evening hours (until that time, expect gusts over 30 mph to continue around the area with a few isolated gusts to 40 mph possible in spots).

Morning clouds (and perhaps a sprinkle or flurry on the Outer Cape) will gradually shift seaward as the day progresses. Today’s chilly weather will lead into a cold night tonight, with busy northwest winds continuing and temperatures falling to the 20s and lower 30s.

Friday Morning Temperatures

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