Cooling Off. First Flakes of the Season Possible This Weekend

A cold front is crossing the region and will slip offshore this morning, marking the beginning of a rather wintry weather pattern.

Behind the advancing cold front, chilly Canadian air is building south and eastward through the central and eastern United States and into the Northeast and New England. While it’s in the 50s in our neck of the woods first thing Wednesday morning, temperatures are in the 30s in western New England and in the 20s across much of Pennsylvania and New York State. Further to the west, over the Upper Midwest, temperatures are in the 10s this morning.

This cold air (though modified) will gradually build into our area today and will take a more firm grip on our weather tonight…with cooler than average temperatures ruling for the foreseeable future. It’s likely that temperatures will hold in the 30s this weekend and signs point to even colder temperatures later next week.

In addition to the incoming chill, there’s a growing chance that we’ll see our first snowflakes of the season over the upcoming weekend.

Today’s frontal boundary will stall to our east and actually buckle westward a bit late in the week and over the weekend. That westward buckle will come courtesy of a weak wave of low pressure riding north and eastward along the offshore front.

While the bulk of the moisture is expected to remain to our south and east, model guidance has consistently signaled some light precipitation scraping the Cape at times over the weekend. Given the colder air mass working into the region during the second half of the week, it’s probable that at least some of that precipitation would fall in the form of snow were it to reach this far west.

While a big storm is not anticipated at this time, it is worth monitoring the forecast over the next couple of days as changes to the westward extent of precipitation are certainly possible.

GFS Model Shows Some Light Snow Around the Area on Saturday. Courtesy TropicalTidbits

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