Showers Likely Tuesday…Followed By Windy, Very Cold Conditions Mid-Week

A potent upper level weather system dropping southward from the arctic will sweep through the Great Plains today and ride eastward through the Great Lakes and Northeast tonight and Tuesday. At the surface, low pressure will dive rapidly southeastward through the Midwest today and pivot eastward through the Great Lakes tonight, crossing New York State and Central New England on Tuesday.

This storm track will put our region on the milder, drier side of the upcoming system (heavy snows are anticipated over Northern New England) with just a few hours of generally light precipitation (mostly in the form of rain) expected across most of Southern New England on Tuesday.

That said, the system is quite dynamic and will force a strong frontal boundary across the area Tuesday afternoon and evening. As this front nears the Cape later in the day it’s possible we see a few brief downpours develop overhead. In fact, there is enough instability modeled to suggest we could even hear a rumble of thunder. Either way, the storm is a quick-hitter and will be shifting away from the area quickly Tuesday night.

On the backside of the storm, winds will switch to the west and northwest and very cold air will pour into the Northeast and New England. Temperatures will fall through the 30s on Tuesday night and struggle to climb out of the lower 30s on Wednesday…before plummeting to the 10s and 20s Wednesday night. All the while, west and northwest winds will howl, creating very low wind chill values Wednesday night. Wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph are likely for a time Wednesday evening.

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