Bitterly Cold Through the Weekend

The coldest air mass of this early winter season will invade the region today and remain in place through the upcoming weekend.

Temperatures in the upper 10s and lower 20s this morning will hold steady then fall this afternoon as a surge of arctic pours into the region on biting west winds. Readings will plummet to the single digits tonight and struggle to climb back to 10F on Saturday…all the while west winds will howl, gusting over 40 mph at times creating dangerously low wind chill values.

The coldest temperatures are likely to settle into the area Saturday night when temperatures on parts of the Upper Cape are likely to dip below zero. On the Mid and especially Lower and Outer Cape, temperatures will be a bit “milder” with readings in the single digits. However, those single digit temperatures will still be accompanied by strong gusty winds and it’s likely that some snow squalls will back in off the ocean Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Image Courtesy Tomer Burg

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