Cloudy and Much Colder Today. Flurries and Snow Showers Around

After temperatures climbed well into the 50s Saturday morning, and even neared 60F in spots, a strong cold front crossed the region during the early afternoon hours and brought an abrupt change to the region.

Temperatures crashed from the 50s to the lower 30s in a matter of hours and continued to fall overnight…eventually ending up well down in the 20s. Some portions of Southern New England experienced a nearly 50F temperature change over the last 24 hours.

With cold air continuing to bleed into the region through the day today, temperatures will go nowhere fast…generally holding steady in the 25 to 30F range.

The cold air being drawn southward on northerly winds has also produced a thick deck of ocean induced clouds over the region this morning and those clouds will hang with us through the day and into tonight. In addition, some pockets of ocean effect flurries, snow showers and maybe some intermittent periods of light snow will spread across the area at times today.

There shouldn’t be much in the way of accumulation but a few spots could see a coating to an inch or so of snow if any steadier light snow bands can organize and remain stationary.

Similar conditions are anticipated on Monday.

Simulated Radar Shows Some Ocean Effect Snows Today. Courtesy

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