Cold Today. Fast-Moving Weather Pattern = Quick Changes.

After enjoying temperatures in the 40s to near 50F this past weekend, snow fell across the region on yesterday, generally accumulating to 3 to 4 inches…with a few spots recording a bit more than that. Although it wasn’t a particularly strong storm and the snowfall was manageable, gusty north winds combined with temperatures in the 20s to make for a rather nasty Tuesday around the area.

Wednesday Morning Temperatures. Courtesy Tomer Burg

Cold deepened over the area last night, sending temperatures down into the 10s and lower 20s and pushing wind chill values to near 0F at times. And cold air will remain locked over the region through the day today. Despite plenty of sunshine, highs will only reach the upper 20s and lower 30s. A busy west and northwest wind will add a bite to the air at times as well, especially through the first half of the day.

While that west wind will subside this afternoon and evening, allowing for a quick evening temperature drop, it will eventually switch to the southwest tonight, meaning milder air will be making another run at the region. Temperatures will slowly rise overnight tonight and will climb back into the 40s on Thursday as low pressure sweeps by to our north and west.

However, if you haven’t noticed, we are transitioning into a fast-moving, quickly-changing weather pattern and just as rapidly as the warmth returns, it will disappear as we close out the week. A strong cold front will cross the area Friday morning (accompanied by some rain and snow) and behind it another surge of very cold air will spill into the Northeast and New England. Temperatures will fall well down into the 10s Friday night and will struggle to climb through the 20s on Saturday.

BUT, the general theme of up and down temperatures and fast-moving weather systems looks to continue throughout the next 5 to 7 days and we may very well warm up again Sunday or Monday, before another shot of cold air builds down into the Northeast and New England.

Given the number of weather systems to contend with and the fast-moving jet stream flow, anticipate a difficult-to-forecast period of weather with the potential for sizable daily forecast adjustments over the next week or so.

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