Major Winter Storm Thursday

All eyes in the meteorological community are focused squarely on Thursday’s weather.

An unusually powerful ocean storm is going to take shape off the Eastern Seaboard over the next 12 to 24 hours and move rapidly northward into the Canadian maritime region during the second half of the week. This system will spread a shield of precipitation up and down the immediate East Coast, with wintry weather impacting as far south as Northern Florida, coastal Georgia and the coastal Carolinas. In fact, Winter Storm Warnings are posted right to the shores of the Gulf Coast.

The worst of the weather here in Southern New England will come during the day on Thursday as the explosively deepening storm center passes to our east. We can anticipate a short-lived, but high impact event featuring heavy precipitation, powerful winds and areas of coastal flooding and erosion. Full details to follow but here is a “First Call” snowfall forecast for the region.

CapeCodWeather.Net Snowfall Forecast – First Call

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