Milder Temperatures But Some Heavy Rain Too

Winds swung around to the south and southwest late Wednesday and temperatures are responding accordingly this morning. Not long after sun-up readings were already into the 30s and even nearing 40F in spots…setting us up for a mild afternoon with temperatures approaching 50F. And with the warm southerly flow only increasing over the next 24 hours or so, we can anticipate even milder temperatures as we move through tomorrow and into tomorrow night. In fact, it’s possible that some backyards on the (especially Upper) Cape approach 60F for a time later Friday and into first thing Saturday.

Unfortunately, the incoming mild air will come at a price.

A storm system is taking shape well to our west and will gradually spill eastward over the next 48 hours. The configuration of the jet stream is such that this developing storm will tap plenty of deep sub-tropical moisture from our south and propel it northward into the Northeast and New England. The result will be a large shield of rain and even embedded thunderstorms over the region later Friday and into Saturday morning.

A widespread 1 to 2 inches of rain is expected across just about all of Southern New England and it’s likely that some localized totals nearer to 3 inches will be reported in spots given the feed of anomalously moist air for this time of year.

The heavy rain combined with frozen ground will lead to plenty of standing water on area roadways and likely some pockets of street and basement flooding here and there.

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