Snow Showers and Snow Squalls

Winds will turn to a more northwesterly and northerly direction over the course of the afternoon and into tonight, allowing ongoing ocean effect snow showers offshore to drift south and westward. This activity is likely to move onto the Outer Cape later this evening and then back its way southwestward onto the Lower and Middle parts of the Cape overnight tonight and into the first part of Sunday…before westerly winds resume and the activity abates by midday.

Watch for areas of icy roads and brief reductions in visibility – likely some near whiteout conditions for very short periods of time – tonight and Sunday morning especially from Harwich and Brewster eastward through the Outer Cape late tonight and first thing Sunday morning.

Generally a coating to as much as 1 or 2 inches of snow is expected around these areas…but given the extremely cold air in place it’s likely some of the snow bands will produce some brief bursts of heavier snow, which could result in a few neighborhoods seeing close to 3 inches of wind-blown ocean effect snow.


  1. Phil have you seen the NAM and GFS 18z and 00z runs tonight? They are 18-20C delta ts and unidirectional flow from the top of the inversion to the surface from the north at around 10-15 knots

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