Gusty northwest winds took hold of the region over the course of Monday afternoon, signaling the arrival of colder air. Temperatures near 50F Monday morning dropped to the upper 30s and lower 40s by Monday afternoon and continued to fall through the evening and overnight hours – eventually bottoming out in the 20s Tuesday morning. All the while, busy north winds persisted over the area, adding a distinct winter-feel to the air.

With cold air continuing to funnel into the Northeast today, temperatures won’t climb all that much through the daylight hours, with highs generally in the lower to middle 30s this afternoon – which is a touch a below the average for the date (average high at Hyannis on 2/13 is now back to 40F). As winds relax later this afternoon and evening and skies remain mostly clear, temperatures will drop back into the 20s this evening.

Winds will swing around to the south tonight and milder air will return to the area for mid-week.

Weather Model Temperatures for 1PM. Courtesy PivotalWeather.

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