Cold, Rainy and Windy

A potent coastal storm will ride up the Eastern Seaboard today, passing east of the Mid-Atlantic and eventually lifting very near to Cape Cod tonight. This weather system – though not nearly as impactful as our weekend storm – will bring a variety of hazards along with it.

Rain will overspread the area today (perhaps beginning as a bit of snow or mixed snow and rain) and continue to fall through most of tonight, with pockets of heavy rain spilling through the area at times this evening. While rainfall totals won’t match the 3 to 4 inch amounts we experienced on Friday, a solid 1 to 1.5 inches of rain is expected. Given the already saturated ground and abundance of standing water around the area, anticipate some pockets of street flooding and basement flooding.

As colder air wraps around the backside of the storm overnight tonight, rain may transition to a bit of snow Thursday morning before precipitation ends.

As the storm center deepens and advances toward the area, strong easterly winds will develop today and persist through a good chunk of tonight. Although we’ll fall well short (thankfully) of the 90+ mph gusts we experienced Friday evening, it will be quite windy for a time this evening. It’s likely that most of the Cape gusts to 50 mph and a few spots will reach or exceed 60 mph at times during the height of the wind. Localized power disruptions are anticipated.

Coastal Flooding won’t be a major issue but areas of beach erosion and minor coastal flooding are possible at the time of high tide given the strong onshore flow…particularly given the severe beating our shorelines took over recent days.

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