Next One?

Quieter weather has settled over the region for the weekend. While it’ll be on the cool side and busy winds will persist, dry weather will prevail and blue sky will be plentiful…something we haven’t had much of in recent weeks.

That said, our next shot for unsettled weather is already being monitored.

Pockets of “Vorticity” to Track in the Upcoming Days will Determine Where Mid-Week Storm Goes

A strong upper level disturbance is going to help generate low pressure development along and off the Southern Mid-Atlantic coast early in the upcoming week. This system will intensify as it heads out into the ocean, eventually passing a good distance south and east of Cape Cod during mid-week as a formidable low pressure center.

Just how close this system passes to the region – which will be dictated by a subtle interaction of multiple pieces of jet stream energy – will determine how much of an impact it has on our area.

Model guidance is suggestive of at least a glancing blow of some snow and wind Tuesday here on the Cape…but it wouldn’t take much of a shift to bring a far more sizable event to the area.

Monitor the forecast through the weekend.

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