Areas of Dense Fog in Spots

A touch of low level moisture and a light onshore flow allowed some areas of low clouds, fog and mist to roll in off the ocean late Monday and into Monday night. In some cases, visibility was down to well under 1/4 mile overnight.

Tuesday morning visible satellite imagery shows two distinct areas of fog, one hugging the coast of eastern New England (and of course, enveloping Cape Cod) and a second a bit further east, just offshore of the region.

The good news is, the fog bank/deck of low clouds is very shallow in nature and the atmosphere above it is dry and certainly conducive to plenty of blue sky and sunshine. As such, the low clouds and fog should start to mix out and disappear as the sun starts to climb this morning and begins to mix the atmosphere.

The bad news is, with the light onshore flow continuing, additional patches of low clouds and fog (see offshore fog bank) could attempt to roll in off the water and/or make it difficult for some immediate shoreline spots to clear.

The end result is a tricky sky-cover forecast for the Cape today…in that some spots may be perfectly sunny and rather pleasant while some other locations right along the water end up socked in with fog and cool air.

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