Chilly and Damp to Start. Hopefully Some Afternoon Improvement.

Sunday’s weather went downhill – in a big way – through the day. While the morning was gray, windy and cool, it was at least tolerable outside with temperatures in the middle and upper 50s and dry conditions.

During the midday hours, mist, drizzle and light rain developed over the area and caused temperatures to fall to the lower 50s. Readings sat near 50F through the remainder of Sunday and wind-whipped rain and drizzle persisted over the region. It was a huge change versus Saturday’s summery conditions.

As for Monday…expect the day to act as a bit of a transition day – as we slowly pull out of Sunday’s miserable weather and work our way back to much nice weather that is anticipated for Tuesday.

Expect damp and chilly conditions Monday morning to very slowly improve through the morning and midday hours as drier air gradually tries to win out over the region. Clouds will start to thin during midday and we should manage some holes in the overcast this afternoon. If we’re lucky…we’ll see some patches of late afternoon blue sky and sun. Temperatures in the 50s through midday will top 60F this afternoon but won’t go all that much higher.

Sunshine and 70s return for Tuesday.

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