Some Slow Improvement

We’ve fallen into a bit of a weather rut. We’ve had multiple days with some component of an onshore wind and that has resulted in somewhat cool temperatures and more in the way of cloudiness than we might prefer.

After a chilly and wet Saturday afternoon, Mother’s Day was neither here nor there weather-wise…it wasn’t a bad day but it certainly wasn’t as nice as the weather can be this time of year. There were plenty of clouds around through the day and temperatures only peaked in the middle 50s (the average high for today is 64F).

As for today, well we’ve picked up this morning where we left off on Sunday – on the murky side of things with a cool and somewhat damp feel to the air. And that will be the general theme for a good chunk of the day.

Visible satellite imagery this morning tells the story quite nicely. You can see in the image below an abundance of cloud cover over Central and Southern New England, extending westward into New York State and down into the Northern Mid-Atlantic. Yet the cloud cover is rather thin as indicated by the holes in the overcast showing up around parts of the region. Those holes will tend to grow in size over the course of the morning and midday hours as the air warms a bit and the low levels dry out some. That should allow for skies to brighten some as the day goes on and if we’re lucky we’ll manage some partial sunshine at times this afternoon. Temperatures in the lower 50s this morning should eventually reach the upper 50s to lower 60s around the Cape – though milder if we can bust out into sunshine earlier and more fully.

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