A Much Nicer Day Today

A pocket of cold air aloft swinging around the backside of our weekend storm system yielded a somewhat unsettled start to the work week.

While we did manage some afternoon clearing, much of Monday morning was gray and chilly and some pockets of light rain and mist rotated in off the water at times. Temperatures actually fell to the upper 50s in spots during the midday hours as the moisture spun in off the ocean. That, plus a gusty north wind, made for a rather April- or May-like feel to the day for a time.

Thankfully, we’ve shaken that storm system and are back to sunny and milder weather.

Expect plenty of sunshine through the day today and more seasonable (albeit still a bit on the cool side relative to average) temperatures…with readings climbing into the lower and middle 70s around the Cape (the average high for June 26th at Hyannis is 76F). Fresh west and northwest winds this morning will transition to a busy southerly wind later in the day.

Visible satellite imagery this morning shows plenty of clear skies across the Northeast:

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