June Gloom

We’ve been struggling to string together a series of truly nice late spring / early summer days of late.

While the sun has made an appearance now and then, temperatures have been on the cool side the last few days and we’ve seen our share of wet weather. In fact, temperatures on Monday only topped out in the lower and middle 50s (some parts of Southern New England recorded their coldest daytime maximum temperature on record) and we picked up nearly 2 inches of rain. For perspective, the average high for the date is right around 70F (we’ve fallen well short of that the last 3 days) and it’s not uncommon to see daytime temperatures well into the 70s this time of year.

As for today, the day has once again started gray and chilly with temperatures in the lower 50s. A busy, cool north and northeast wind is blowing in off the ocean and will persist through most of the day. As a result, temperatures will struggle to climb through the day, likely topping out in the upper 50s on the Outer Cape to the lower to perhaps middle 60s on parts of the Mid and Upper Cape.

Thankfully, somewhat drier air is working its way into the region and that dry air will help to erode the cloud bank overhead and should lead to some slowly developing partial clearing over the course of the day. So while it will remain cool throughout our Wednesday, anticipate a brighter end to the day.

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