Dog Days of Summer

After enduring a long stretch of tropical-like air last week, we enjoyed a brief break in the humidity Sunday and Monday, as dew point values fell back into the lower 60s. The more comfortable conditions came courtesy of a weak cold front that shifted through the Northeast over the weekend.

Unfortunately, as is often the case this time of year, that frontal boundary didn’t make it very far to our south and east and is already returning northward as a warm front. Consequently, the drier air won’t be sticking around and we are about to go back into another long period of warm and very humid weather.

A large “Bermuda High” is locking in place to our south and will remain firmly entrenched offshore for the better part of the next 7 to 10 days. This set-up will ensure a near constant flow of southerly air up the Eastern Seaboard and continuously feed tropical air into the region.

Dew point values will climb toward 70F over the course of the day today and then inch upward into the lower and middle 70s tonight and Wednesday. From that point forward, it will be tough to shake the moisture-loaded air and we are likely to see dew points remain at or above 70F through the remainder of the week, into and through the weekend and possibly lingering into the following week.

Bermuda High

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