Hoping(?) for Some Rain

Low pressure lifting to our west is swinging a tail of tropical moisture – showers and embedded downpours – across Southern New England this morning.

While our Sunday has started mainly gray (a few brief glimpses of sunshine here and there) and humid here on the Cape, areas to our west have been dealing with a steady and sometimes heavy rain…along with some strong gusty southerly winds (wind gusts over 45 mph have been reported in some coastal spots of RI).

Taking a look at local radar imagery, we can see that individual rainfall elements embedded in the band of showers are lifting northward while the entire tail of moisture slowly inches eastward. Consequently, while there’s heavy rain not too far west of the canal this morning…it’ll be a while before any wet weather shifts into our area.

As such, we’ll watch for gradually increasing chances for showers and possible downpours as the morning moves on…with the highest odds for some wet weather coming toward midday. It remains to be seen just how well the band of rain will hold together.

Although the gray skies and possible wet weather may frustrate beach-goers today, any rain we can get is welcomed as things have turned very dry in recent weeks. Chatham, for example, has recorded just .08″ of rain this month.

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