Muggy Conditions Continue

A warm and humid southerly flow of air remains in place over the region and is going nowhere fast. A strong ridge of high pressure over the Western Atlantic has flexed westward and forced deep sub-tropical air into New England, pushing dew point values into the 70s and bringing daytime temperatures into the 80s and low 90s. This plume of very humid air will remain in place through the remainder of the work week.

While this moist weather pattern has brought an abundance of unsettled weather – with ongoing bouts of showers, downpours and thunder – across much of the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and New England over the last few days, here on the Cape we’ve enjoyed some very nice (albeit extremely humid) weather through the first half of the week.

The westward pushing ridge of high pressure has forced the deeper atmospheric moisture levels to shift to our west and our proximity to the ocean, which results in less daytime heating, brings less in the way of cloud-cover. Consequently, we’ve had plenty of sunshine and deep blue tropical skies through the first part of the week.

All that said, the axis of deeper moisture to our west is beginning to shift back eastward and as a result thicker cloud cover and scattered showers will eventually try and work their way back onto the Cape. The regional satellite and radar composite (below) shows plenty of cloud cover and isolated to scattered showers and downpours off to our west this morning…and this activity is gradually heading eastward.

So – expect this morning’s partial sunshine to last into midday before losing out to advancing and thickening clouds. A few showers or a downpour and rumble of thunder could spill into the area during the afternoon and evening hours.

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