Cool and Gray

After enduring a long stretch of very warm and very humid weather, we’ve seen a bit of a shift in the weather pattern…which has resulted in some much cooler temperatures over the area.

Highs on Sunday only reached the upper 60s and lower 70s across the area. That, combined with a busy northeast wind, a persistent low overcast and a few pockets of mist and drizzle, actually resulted in a bit of a chilly feel to the day. In fact, Sunday was the first below average temperature day recorded in the month of August at Hyannis and only the 3rd time this month that temperatures failed to reach 80F.

While we haven’t seen the last of the warm and humid weather for the summer of 2018, we are more than likely past the worst of the heat and humidity for this year and we’ve got a couple of more days of cooler-than-normal temperatures to “enjoy” over the next couple of days.

Sunday’s onshore wind and cloud cover remains firmly in place over the region this morning and we’ve seen pockets of drizzle and passing showers backing in off the ocean over the last 12 to 18 hours. This, unfortunately, will be the general theme for our Monday, as gray skies are expected to persist over the area and fresh northeast winds continue. That said, pockets of mist, drizzle and scattered light rain showers should become less numerous as the morning goes on and somewhat drier air attempts to build into the area. That drier air could deliver a few bright spots and holes in the overcast during the second half of the day. Temperatures will generally hold in the 60s to around 70F throughout the day.

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