Refreshing Feel

Our hottest stretch of weather this summer has come to an end.

A cold front cut across the area Thursday afternoon and delivered a batch of much cooler and more comfortable air to the region overnight. After climbing to 85 to 90F Thursday morning, readings slowly dropped back through the 80s Thursday afternoon and into the 70s by late in the day. Temperatures continued to fall Thursday night and bottomed out in the 60s as a refreshing northeast breeze took hold.

That northeast breeze will persist throughout the day today, funneling cooler and drier air into our area and holding daytime temperatures in the lower 70s.

As for the sky cover…sunshine will be mixed with passing clouds as high clouds stream in aloft from the west and some low level moisture moves in off the ocean…call it partly sunny.

Dew point values, which were well into the 70s throughout most of the work week, have fallen to the 50s and lower 60s and will remain in the comfortable zone into the day on Saturday.

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