Definitely an Improvement

Ocean effect rain showers and mist moved in an out of the area throughout the day on Thursday. While it didn’t rain all day long, a few of the ocean effect showers were briefly on the heavy and soaking side. The combination of moisture streaming in off the ocean, an active northeast breeze, persistent cloud cover and temperatures stuck in the lower 60s made for quite a chilly and raw feeling day.

That said, we did manage at least a few brief splashes of sunshine here and there and as the afternoon progressed skies tried to clear a bit…somewhat salvaging the end of Thursday.

The late day clearing was a sign of a shift in the weather…a shift that will yield a nice fall weekend on the Cape.

Yesterday’s damp cool northeast wind is now giving way to a warmer southerly flow of air. That warmer southerly wind will freshen through the day today and allow for more in the way of sunshine than recent days and cause temperature to recover back toward more seasonable mid to late September values (average high for September 21st at Hyannis is 70F) as high top out in the upper 60s and lower to middle 70s around the Cape.

With a cold front approaching from the west tonight, the southwest breeze will really freshen later today and tonight, which will steal a bit of the warmer feel. A few gusts to 30 to 40 mph will be possible around the area tonight.

The frontal zone will cross through the area first thing Saturday morning – accompanied by some clouds and perhaps a brief shower or quick downpour – and be followed by a wind shift to the north, gradually clearing skies and a good solid push of cooler, Canadian air for the rest of the weekend. In fact, overnight temperatures Saturday night and Sunday night are likely to make a run for the 40s in spots.

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