Muggy Air Has Returned

South and southwesterly winds have resumed and warm and humid air has returned to the region.

Dew point readings this morning are once again in the 70s and you can really feel the difference in the air versus the last couple of days. Along with the increase in humidity has come some low clouds across the region – shown nicely on the satellite imagery below – yielding a gray morning on parts of the Cape.

Expect the deck of low clouds to thin and break apart over the course of the morning and for skies to turn partly to mostly sunny by late morning. That, plus temperatures climbing to 78 to 84F will yield another warm and steamy late summer / early fall day on the Cape.

Heat and humidity will remain in place over the Northeast through much of the upcoming week and once again Heat Advisories cover an expansive part of the region (Cape Cod excluded this go around). The good news is, a weak/subtle backdoor cold front will shift over our area during the day on Tuesday and give us a little bit of relief Tuesday and Wednesday here on the Cape (a touch less humidity and somewhat lower temperatures) before warmth surges back in to the area on Thursday.

A stronger more notable cold front will cross the area late in the week.

Humid Conditions Have Returned

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