Warm and Humid…Some PM Downpours

The remnants of Hurricane Florence are passing through the Northeast and New England today, bringing with them a slug of warm and humid air along with plenty of showers and thunderstorms.

Regional radar and satellite imagery (below) shows a shield of clouds and rain spreading across the region this morning as the remnant circulation passes nearby. Initially, this activity is passing well to our north and west and as such we are just dealing with some partial sunshine, muggy conditions and a busy southwest wind Tuesday morning.

However, as the day goes on, clouds will tend to thicken and fill the sky and moisture to our west will gradually spill across the area, yielding a higher likelihood for some wet weather.

While a shower can’t be ruled out this morning, the best odds for seeing some rainfall – which is likely to come in the form of scattered downpours and maybe a thunderstorm or two – will be later this afternoon and into the evening hours.

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