Warm Air Returns Mid-Week

Temperatures will near or even pass 70F today as warm westerly winds develop. However, an abundance of clouds and a busy wind will result in a less-than-perfect early October day.

After today’s warmth, a shallow backdoor cold front will move through the area this evening and flip winds to the northeast. Behind the front, chilly maritime air will bleed into the area for Monday. Temperatures are likely to hold in the lower 60s and clouds will be tough to shake.

That frontal zone will lift back to the north Monday night and Tuesday and a surge of unseasonably warm air will shift into the Northeast and New England for mid-week.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday should see afternoon temperatures passing 70F…with some middle and even upper 70s possible Wednesday. The average high temperature at Hyannis for today is 65F.

70s and 80s anticipated across the Northeast Mid-Week. Image courtesy of weathermodels.com

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